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Monday, 15 September 2014

Hey Guys -

I've heard from a few of you that the Creach are infiltrating your hometowns using elaborate disguises. Being able to see through a monster's diguise is a key skill for a monster hunter. Here are a couple of tips.

1) Focus on the hands. Monsters are notorious for disgusting hands with dirt and blood under long fingernails.

2) Notice the smell. Many of the Creach have a little issue being undead, and this creates a powerful smell. Sometimes too much perfume or cologne can be a clue too. What are they trying to cover up?

3) Lastly, look at the eyes. Eventually, the true monster inside of them will lose their temper with the humans around them. When they do, it make be as simple as a flash of anger in their eyes. Be vigilant and be aware when it happens. 

These tips aren't foolproof, but it's the best I can do without working with you in person. 

Do your duty. Come what may!


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Monday, 01 September 2014

Hey Guys -

I had a pretty big fight yesterday against dozens of monsters. I did pretty well and beat them all...but only barely. It wasn't their skill or numbers that almost did me in, it was that I simply ran out of energy. With it being the summer, I haven't been doing my workouts like I should or doing my practicing. Also, because we're on the road so much, I've been eating ALOT of junk food. Don't let this happen to you. The Creach war is coming and you need to be prepared. Get out and exercise for at least an hour an day. Stay away from soda and other sugar drinks. Just drink water and eat healthy. It's not as much fun as being a couch potato, eating pizza all day, but when the zombies come knocking on your door, you're going to want to be ready. 

Do your duty, come what may. 

Jack Templar

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Friday, 15 August 2014

Hi Guys, 

I hope you're being safe out there and joining together in small groups when possible. There is always more safety in numbers so if you know other monster hunters in your area, link up and watch each other's back. You should know that there is a new monster on the prowl. They are called the djinn, the devil spirits of the desert, part vampire, part demon, all evil. They are actually an ancient foe, but what's new about them is that they have been spotted outside of the deserts for the first time. They have grotesque faces, so look for strangers who keep their faces covered...and stay away!

I've got to go. Be safe. 

Jack Templar

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Thursday, 01 August 2013

Hi Everyone, 

You'll never believe what I've been through recently. I thought facing the Lord of the Vampires was tough...I never knew what I'd face out here in the real world. I'm writing everything down, so you'll hear it soon enough in Book #4, but it's pretty crazy. I'm going to need to take some time to digest what happened and what it all means before we move on. Keep your wits about you. Things have never been so dangerous in the world and I think it's about to get worse.

Your friend, 


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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

I know a lot of you live in places where it's starting to get warm and your thoughts are turning to summer vacations. I'm glad that you'll be able to take some time off of school and enjoy yourselves. Unfortunately, I'm knee-deep in my quest for the Jerusalem Stones, so there won't be any vacations for me!

I just want to warn you not to let your guard down. The Creach don't take vacations either, so always be on the look-out. That tennis intructor or that life-guard at the swimming pool might be a Creach. You just never know! Have fun, but be careful. 


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Wednesday, 01 May 2013

Hi Everyone -

I've really kicked up the hornet's nest now. For reasons I can't really go into right now, Creach around the world are going to be REALLY upset because of what Eva, Daniel, T-Rex, Will, Xavier and I just did. Without going into detail since this isn't a secure site, let's just say they are going to be REALLY mad. So, keep extra good watch for the next couple of weeks for increased activity in your area and post any suspicious activity on this site. Good luck and keep your heads down!


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Monday, 15 April 2013

Hi there -

I just wanted to check in from the road. I found this Internet cafe where I could post a quick message. You wouldn't believe what's happened since I talked to you last. Part of me wants to tell you right now, just in case I don't make it. But I feel like if I do that instead of waiting to write the next book, then my luck will change...and then I'd be in real trouble. All I can tell you is that I've been to another continent, had an adventure that was the trickiest yet, and barely escaped with my life. I can't wait to tell you more. Until then, I have to stay on the move. 

Do your duty. Come what may.


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Monday, 01 April 2013
Hi there -

In a couple of days, the book about The Monster Academy will be available to all you monster hunters. As promised, it's pretty intense. Not only was my journey to the Academy filled with fights and adventures, but the Academy held a lot more mystery and danger than I could have ever imagined.

I hope you use the book as it's intended...to arm you with the knowledge you need to protect yourself against the Creach. As you'll see in the book, it's clear that a war with Creach is coming. There may come a time when I'll call on you to help me. Until then, stay safe and always remember:

Do your duty, come what may!

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Friday, 15 March 2013
Many of you have written me to ask whether you should tell your friends the truth about the monsters in the world or just keep it a secret. Unfortunately, like most things in life, the answer is that it depends. 

Here's the deal. Because you've made the decision to join the fight, monsters are going to come looking for you. With the help of the books and this site, you should be in good shape to protect yourself and stand up to what ever monsters you face (as long as there are not too many of them!) The thing is that when the monsters appear there's a good chance you'll be hanging out with your friends when they do. Unless they know what to expect, they will just freak out and run away, leaving you to face the monster all by yourself. Not good. 

So, as a rule, you should tell your closest circle of friends and no-one else. There is safety in numbers and, as I keep learning, power in having the help of friends. 

Hope that helps!

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Friday, 01 March 2013
Hi everyone.

Another month has passed and I've still managed to stay alive even with every monster in the world on the prowl trying to find me. If you're reading this it means that you're safe too. I hope some of the tips on this site have helped you identify monsters in your area and taught you to defend yourself.  

Now that winter is giving way to spring, you are going to have to be extra careful. There are many monsters who hibernate over the winter so you're about to have more monsters to contend with. This especially goes for the Lesser Creach: monsters like Blind Mole-men, Screaching Burpies, Foul Tangs and Saber-Toothed Banweevils (which are particularly nasty.)

As the weather warms up, keep your wits about you if you want to keep your head on your shoulders. 

Good luck!
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Do Your Duty, Come What May

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